Project 2: Writers' Network

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Lesley Anthony

Brian Murphy

Allison Pitcher

School: Beothuk Collegiate
P.O. Box 220
Baie Verte, NF
A0K 1B0
Tel: (709) 532-4288
Grade Level: Grades 8 - 9
Number of Students: Target group consists of 20 students from grades 8 and 9 English courses but this may expand depending on Student interest and involvement.
Project Start and Finish Dates: February 1, 1998 to June 18, 1998

  Project Overview

Those students referred to previously will be given the opportunity to post their original writing to one of the Writers' Network three student newsgroups. They also can read the postings of other students and send constructive criticisms to form a thread. After receiving feedback from their peers, the students can post a final version to the newsgroup.

  Curriculum Connections

This project will enhance the Creative Writing element of the Junior High Language program. It will also allow the students involved access to the technology required to post, read, and respond to others on the Internet through a newsgroup atmosphere.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Production of a piece of writing through the writing process.
  • Participation in an online editing program.
  • Exchange of ideas and opinions among participants.
  • Ability to post articles to the Internet.
  • Ability to read and respond to articles posted by other students.
  • Develop an understanding of online communication.

  Resource Connections

This project is based on the ability to have students submit articles to Internet news groups and also to allow these students to communicate with other students across Newfoundland and the world. The addition of a SLIP connection at our school which would allow these students access to the Internet is imperative to the success of the project.

Access to the Internet at present is restricted to one computer and one modem which is located in a room which is not often accessible to these students. The addition of a SLIP connection would allow several other computers access to the Internet and thus allow greater student access.


The students will undergo self evaluation as well as evaluation of their work by their peers. As well, their writing will be evaluated formally by their teacher as part of their course grade.

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