Project 3: Project Rivers

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Ellis Stuckless - Environmental Science 3205 Teacher
School: Beothuk Collegiate
P.O. Box 220
Baie Verte, NF
A0K 1B0
Tel: (709) 532-4288
Grade Level: Levels I - III
Number of Students: 27
Project Start and Finish Dates: Mid. February 1998- Mid. June 1998

  Project Overview

Project Rivers is an existing project of Holy Heart High School, St. John's. The Baie Verte High students would participate in this project as a partner by adopting a section of the Main River from the J.R. SMALLWOOD bridge to the river estuary, approximately one kilometer. The Baie Verte High School project will support the goals and aims of "Project Rivers" as outlined in the Holy Heart proposal. The students of Environmental science 3205 at Baie Verte High will undertake to care for the section of Main River on an ongoing basis. Results of water tests, clean-up, pollution watch and investigations congruent with those of the sponsoring group will be posted to the STELLAR School site.


  • To see the connection between the global situation and the local or personal situation.
  • To identify the impact of human activity on the natural environment.
  • To gather, organize, interpret and evaluate information related to an environmental issue on the local level.
  • To develop a sense of personal responsibility and empowerment in relation to the environment and environmental problems.

  Curriculum Connections

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Adoption of a section of a local river (Main River).
  • Monitoring the section of river for evidence of damage, specifically water pollution, litter, and general health of the ecosystem, biweekly posting data on the school homepage and to the host site.
  • Contribute to and participate in the network of online projects that support Project Rivers.

  Resource Connections


Students will:

  • use the Internet to communicate with participating schools.
  • upgrade the school homepage to include the "Project River" site.
  • use field techniques for collection of data on the river system.
  • elicit the aid of a local diving club to determine the effluent that has been deposited in the bottom of the Bay.


Anecdotal records and observations by the students and teacher involved in the project. Students will be required to complete a class log of the project and present their findings to the school and town of Baie Verte. Students will be monitored for the types of research skills they employ. This will further be enhanced by students abilities in group decision-making and cooperation. Students will also be expected to:

  • describe why fresh water ecosystems are "open".
  • describe the major difference between standing and flowing water in the freshwater ecosystem.
  • employ the data gathering techniques as they collect, collate and interpret data.

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