Project 3: People and Resources

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Darrell Stacey - Computer Resource/Grade Three
School: Bishop's Falls Elementary
1 Canning's Lane
Bishop's Falls, NF
Grade Level: Grade Five Students
Number of Students: 15
Project Start and Finish Dates: March - May, 1998

  Project Overview

Using various search engines on the Internet, students will be responsible to research provincially owned and operated businesses that promote themselves through the Internet. Newfoundland is quickly moving away from the traditional fishery and forestry type occupations, into more technology based operations. The students will gather information about each company, and the products or services it provides, where it is located, and how it was established. For the most part, business URL's will have E-mail addresses attached, therefore this will provide first hand research for the students to find items of information. They will record all information, and publish a report using a word processing program. Once a project is complete, the group responsible for representing each company will present and display what they found. Each group will be responsible to promote business for their "Internet Discovery". This will all be shared and used as a theme study of local resources in our province.

  Curriculum Connections

  • This project relates mainly to the Social Studies program in grade 5, which focuses on our province, Newfoundland and Labrador. It will also enrich the Reading/Writing/Viewing components of the Language Arts program and help reinforce the objectives of the Technology Education program at the Elementary Grades.
  • This project will provide many opportunities for thinking, observing, listening, investigating, inquiring, talking, reading and writing as the students learn more about our province and come to appreciate our valuable human resources.
  • This project will demonstrate the inventiveness, resourcefulness, initiative, self-sufficiency and optimism of those who are investigating in the future of our provinces, and the possibilities which exist for them.

Social Studies:

  • Students will develop a faith in our province's future and pride in our accomplishment.
  • Students will gain knowledge and appreciation of our human resources, and the resources of our land and sea.
  • Students will gain knowledge of how geographic features influence living in various regions of the province and how technology has created possibilities, which may not have existed in the past.
  • Students will develop a positive view of Newfoundland and Labrador, and its place in Canada and the world.
  • Students will gain knowledge of Newfoundland's entrepreneurs and companies, and economic possibilities of the future.

Language Arts:

  • To help students acquire the language skills of reading, writing, viewing, reporting orally, and researching.
  • To help students compose appropriate e-mail messages and learn about online communication.
  • To help students realize that language, especially reading and writing, is a tool of learning as well as a medium of communication.

Technology Education:

  • To help students learn the basics of communication - principles of encoding/decoding, transmitting/receiving, and the role that technology plays.
  • To help students develop a vocabulary of the terminology and language used in the communication technology associated with e-mailing and using the Internet.
  • To help students send and receive e-mail messages.
  • To help students develop an appreciation of the value of the World Wide Web as a source of information and use a browser to explore and utilize this resource.
  • To help students use an appropriate search engine for this project.

  Resource Connections

The students will be actively involved in this project. They will use the resources of the World Wide Web and electronic mail to conduct their research. Each student will contribute to the project. Students will be expected to report their findings to the class through oral presentations and online home pages. This will require the use of a word processing program to produce a final report and the use of a HTML language to produce a home page.


Students will:

  • demonstrate a knowledge of using a World Wide Web browser, such as Netscape, to search the resources of the Internet.
  • demonstrate a knowledge of sending and receiving e-mail using appropriate software.
  • demonstrate a knowledge of various search engines, such as Alta Vista, to locate appropriate sites.
  • demonstrate a knowledge of how the resources of the Internet are related to the "real" world.

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