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  General Information

Lead Teacher: Wallace Goulding
School: Grenfell Intermediate School
384 Grenfell Heights
Grand Falls-Windsor, NF
A2A 2J2
Grade Level:Level II and III
Number of Students:7
Project Start and Finish Dates:February 1997 - March 1997

  Project Overview

Students will use the resources of the world wide web to examine and explore various home pages of other schools and people to obtain ideas to be incorporated into their own web page design. They will also search out instructional information that is available on HTML coding and use this information to write their own HTML code. The resources of the internet will also be utilized to download appropriate "free" graphics and web page resources, which will make their work more attractive and make the job of coding easier. Students will be encouraged to incorporate into their home pages local information about their community and school which they would be of interest to a worldwide audience.

  Curriculum Connections

The Technology Education learning outcomes that are applicable to this project are in the Communication Domain:

  an understanding of the nature of online communications and its limitations.
  an opportunity to identify real life communication problems situations and
  identify ways in which information and communications technologies are used.
  identify advantages and disadvantages of selected communications technologies.
  development of a vocabulary and language related to the selected communications
  employ the language and terminology when solving technological problems and
   when describing their solutions to others.
  use communications technologies to build new knowledge from existing information.
  use communications technologies to collaborate with others at a distance to
   gain understanding of problems and opportunities in production and control.

  Resource Connections

Students will avail of the internet access provided by the STELLAR Schools Internet connection to make this project possible . Also, using the internet connection, a number of HTML editors and graphics conversion programs will be examined and the most appropriate ones will be used in the home page design work.

Also books on HTML will be another source of information and a digital camera will enable students to take appropriate pictures of themselves and various aspects of their community and the school to be incorporated into their work.


The students final projects will be evaluated using a variety of criteria related to presentation and content. Presentation will refer to the effective use of internet tools, the layout and design, the ease of navigation and the appropriate use of multi-media. Content will refer to the usefulness of the information and the segments of the school and community represented.

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