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  Project Overview

The Grand Falls-Windsor / Bishop's Falls area currently has over 2000 students from grades seven to twelve. Each of these schools will participate in contributing news items of various natures. This homepage can include news about:

School Events calandarSporting Events and Results
Parent BulletinsTeacher Contacts
Student WritingsContests and Results
AwardsSoftware Reviews and Links
EditorialsElectronic Debates
Parents resourcesStudents Learning Resources
Job OpportunitiesContributions from Local Newspapers

This project will begin at BMC but will evolve to a regional editorial board of students who will design and manage this page. This page will be a combination of an on-line newspaper and a resources center for learning aids for both parents and students.

  Curriculum Connections

Technology Education:


  1. To provide the school region and electronic window to schools.
  2. To provide an opportunity for students and teachers to publish on the World Wide Web.
  3. To identify ways in which communication tools are used.
  4. To master terminology regarding the internet.
  5. To become comfortable with using the internet publishing tools.
  6. To provide a forum for student writings to be published on a regional level.

Language Arts:

Students will have a forum and an extrinsic motivation to share their writing that will provide immediate recognition of writing accomplishments on a local level. It is our intention to foster an interest in what other schools are doing and what other students think about issues that relate to teenagers. We hope that with a larger base of students a successful News Net will develop and be more interesting to read and write for than a local school paper might be.

  Resource Connections

BMC has 2 Computer Labs and a total base of 70 Computers that can become access points to the internet. We currently have a Pentium Pro 200 NT File Server that will function as a gateway to the internet, a flatbed scanner and a digital camera. The Bursey staff has been fairly active in using the internet. The Stellar School connection will provide a vital link to schools and world wide web resources needed for an Inter School News Network.


  1. Students will create articles, essays, participate in electronic debate forums with students of other schools.
  2. Students will prepare materials in proper format for publishing on the Internet.

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