Project 1: Flora and Fauna of Newfoundland

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  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Wayne Anstey
Grade Level:Levels I to III
Number of Students: 15-20
Project Start and Finish Dates:April 1997 to June 1999

  Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to collect information and create a web site about plant and animal life in Newfoundland. This site would be set up and maintained on Charisma's server. We would invite other schools in the province, along with our own students, to submit data to the project.

It is anticipated that we would start with the mammals of Newfoundland. For each mammal, we would include a picture, a brief natural history, and maybe some links to other sources on the Internet. Because Newfoundland is an island, many of the mammals are non-indigenous species. Some research about how they got here, their current distribution and population numbers could be included. In subsequent years, this project could be expanded to include common insects, fish, trees, flowers, etc.

After participating in this project, the student's knowledge and appreciation of their own environment will be greatly enhanced.

  Curriculum Connections

This project will impact many areas of the curriculum including:

  1. Research, organization of data and writing: This fits perfectly with the goals of most language courses, in particular Language 2101.

  2. Communications Technology: e-mail, FTP, multimedia presentations.

  3. Biology: Unit II of Biology 3201 revolves around the study of populations.
  4.   Resource Connections

    This project will make students more aware of their own environment and they will share this information with the world by way of the Internet.

    Other resources to be used would include a recently acquired Pentium 200 (Windows NT 4.0) server (which would act as our Internet gateway), a flatbed scanner, the library, and various graphic manipulation software packages. As well, the school is equipped with a networked computer lab which can be connected to the NT server.


    • Students will develop lists of common plant an animal species in Newfoundland
    • Students will research and summarize information about each species
    • Students will prepare the information in a format suitable for publication on the Internet

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