Project 2: Les Chemins des Amis

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  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Craig Pinksen
Grade Level:Grades 6 to Level 3
Number of Students: 150-160
Project Start and Finish Dates:April 1997 to Indefinite

  Project Overview

Learning a second language requires morn than a willing and motivated mind; there must be a positive and challenging medium whereby information acquired is shared and communicated in the second language being learned. To become effective communicators, students will be given the opportunity to write, read, speak and listen to other students their own age via the Internet.

Students will prepare questions and, in turn, be asked questions to gather and share relevant, meaningful, interesting and useful information that crosses language and cultural boundaries. All conversations and information will be recorded in a journal for evaluation purposes.

  Curriculum Connections

Technology integration will occur mainly in:


  • Communicative Learning - writing, reading, speaking, oral presentations, etc.

  • Students can make contacts with students in Saint-Pierre to visit on the tour each year.

Language Arts:

  • Research skills

  • Writing skills

  • Public speaking

Technology Education:
The technology education outcomes relative to this project are:

  • To develop an understanding of the uses and limitations of communication technology.

  • To enable students to successfully use communication technology.

  • Communicate with other students in French in the province, the country and beyond using the World Wide Web.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will learn proper grammatical concepts to communicate successfully.

  • Students will learn how to transcend language and cultural barriers.

  • Students will learn how to gather, share and record information in the form of written and oral reports.

  • Students will gain self-confidence and esteem through successful and effective communication.

  • Students will internalize language learning concepts which are multi-curricular and will facilitate life-long learning.

  Resource Connections

The STELLAR School Internet connection would provide a means whereby students can become effective communicators using a communicative approach to language learning.

Charisma Pentecostal Collegiate has two computer lab networks connected to a file server to access the world wide web.

Other resources included a resource centre, scanner and a MIDI. However, more microphones will have to be connected for more personal access.


Students will record conversations and information in a journal which will be incorporated into the core curriculum. Written and oral reports will be evaluated for content, accuracy, interest and usefulness according to curriculum guidelines for each individual.

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