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  General Information

Lead Teacher: Barry George
School:Grand Falls Academy High School
1 Maple Street
Grand Falls-Windsor, NF
Grade Level:Level I-III
Number of StudentsStudents enrolled in Level I-III are encouraged to participate in developing a home page for the school, as well as participate in a Home page Design Contest sponsored by NewTel Communications. To date there are 10 students involved. This contest is part of the Cabot 500 celebrations to take place in the province later this year.
Project Start and Finish Dates:The project started with the return to school after the Christmas break on January 6th of this year, and will continue until the project closing date of March 31st of this year.

  Project Overview

Students participating in the contest will develop and test a school homepage to position the school on the ever growing World Wide Web. The students will also compete with other students throughout the province in developing this page. The contest will provide an exciting educational and creative opportunity for students and will also aid in training those who would like to gain exposure to and learn about the Internet. Students participating in developing and testing the homepage will be given a chance to learn, research, and collaborate over the Internet.

A part of this project involves students promoting the communities or areas served by the school. The students will focus on the cultural and natural historical background of the area, pointing out areas of historical significance. Through this students will undertake research which will identify and describe significant events which take place, as well as promoting significant places of interest, such as landmarks, buildings, artifacts, etc.

Students alone will develop this homepage, with the aid of teachers or others who will "coach" the student members.

Through the duration of this project, students will become familiar with the Internet, and use it as a research tool. They will make use of the Internet to find other notable areas on the web which relate, and will provide links to these on the school homepage. Students will gain the opportunity to appreciate and understand their culture and history through participating in this contest.

There will be an area on the homepage pointing to any web pages designed by students themselves. This will encourage all students to participate in learning about the Internet through the development of their own web pages. Teachers will also be encouraged to do the same.

  Curriculum Connections

Social Studies

Students will learn about the history of their area through participating in the contest. They will do research to point out significant people who played a role in the development of the area. They will be encouraged to research the cultural and natural historical background of the area. Additionally, students will be encouraged to identify significant dates and events which occurred in the school area.

Laguage Arts

The project will enable the students to use and further develop the following:

     Creativity and Imagination
     Writing Skills
     Research Skills

Communications Technology

As a part of this project, through funding provided by Human Resources Development Canada through their Youth Internship project, GFA High is in the process of installing a new network in the school, which will provide all students with acccess to the Internet. Students participating in this contest will also be involved in the installation of this network. They will be involved in the wiring of the building. They will be provided the opportunity to view and aid in the installation of the equipment (connecting hubs, workstations, and server). Finally, students will also be given the opportunity to view the configuration of the network server using Windows NT.

Through this it is hoped that students will gain a knowledge of how the network is assembled, and will gain an appreciation of the role and duties of a Computer Technician in the event that they may be considering this as a career themselves.


Access to the Internet through the STELLAR Schools program is vital to the success of this project. Through access to the Internet, students not having an Internet account at home will be eligible to participate in the development of the homepage. Students will be able to explore the Internet to research the history of their school area, as well as browse the Internet to become familiar with and gain a better understanding of it.

Currently, browsing the Internet to locate points of interest will enhance the school homepage is restricted to students having an Internet account at home. Through the STELLAR School connection, all students in Level I-III will be provided the opportunity to learn about the Internet, and possibly develop web pages of their own.


We believe that through access to the Internet, students will become more aware of areas outside their local community. It will provide them with the opportunity to communicate with other students around the world. It will provide them with an additional research tool which will give them access to current resource materials. Through talking with students, there is a general sense that those who have heard about the Internet but have not had the chance to experience it are eager to become a part of the shrinking world through the use of the World Wide Web.

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