Project 3: Project Indian River

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Kay Jackson - Special Needs Teacher/Global Ed. Committee

Everett Pitts - Principal/Grades 4-6 Teacher

School: Indian River Elementary
P.O. Box 459
Springdale, NF
A0J 1T0
Tel: (709) 673-3715
Fax: (709) 673-4419
Grade Level: Global Education Committee, Grades 4-6 students. The school's Global Education committee has a number of projects ongoing. This will be a major undertaking for the committee.
Project Start and Finish Dates: April, 1998 - As soon as access to Indian River becomes manageable and safe, students will begin to survey a portion of the river.

September, 1998 - Survey/monitoring of the river site will continue through September and longer if warranted.

  Project Overview

The school, Indian River Elementary, is named after the salmon river Indian River which runs past the school. It is the intention of the Global Education committee to monitor a section of the river within easy access of the school. Monitoring will include lookout for debris and sources of pollution, and a collection of data related to the numbers of salmon that enter the river. This data collection will include angling statistics such as numbers caught and catch and release statistics. These statistics will be obtained from fishery officers and guardians. All statistics and other important information will be linked to the school's Home Page, the community Home Page, and Project Rivers.

It is also the intent of the committee to attempt a cleanup of accessible areas in conjunction with provincial fishery officials. These projects are part and parcel in keeping with the school's classification as a Global Education School.

  Curriculum Connections

The project will enforce outcomes and objectives of the Mathematics curriculum through statistical analysis; the Science curriculum through development of science attitudes; the Language Arts curriculum through communication and reporting; and through the Technology curriculum through use of the Internet for research and data complication on the school's web Home Page.

  Resource Connections

The school will develop links with local fishery officials and the Project Rivers project already in place in this province. Approaches taken in other rivers in the province will be researched through the Internet and possibly applied to Indian River. The flow of information could be both ways.

Research on salmon rivers across Canada and in Europe will be carried out by the committee.


The entire project will be monitored by the staff representatives (lead teachers) on the Global Education committee in conjunction with officials responsible for the river.

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