Project 1: Across Canada Connection

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Aubrey J. Penney
School: L.P. Purchase Academy
Box 1521
Botwood, NF
A0H 1E0
Tel: (709) 257-2475
Grade Level: 6
Number of Students: 9
Project Start and Finish Dates: March 1, 1998 - June 19, 1998

  Project Overview

Students from L.P. Purchase Academy will develop a web page to solicit grade six students' reports from other provinces. A school from each of the ten provinces and two territories will be contacted to participate but the project will be open to all Grade six students across Canada. students will send a one page descriptive report on their province including population, language, culture, landscape, industry, climate, etc. to the schools contracted and solicit a similar reply from those schools. Each of the reports received will be analyzed and the information will be graphed, charted or mapped to organize and solidify learning.

  Curriculum Connections

The project will include communication on the Net as students enhance their social studies curriculum through the writing and exchange of ideas process.

Social Studies:

Grade six students study Canada as the main curriculum resource. This project will help them add to their regional study of the country by producing a detailed description of their region and analyzing reports written by other students across Canada on their province.

Among others, the following Social Studies skills would be developed:

  • research
  • map work
  • chart reading and construction
  • broadening cultural knowledge

Language Arts:

One of the themes in Language Arts is "Canadascape" and throughout this theme students are involved in a number of activities that help them learn about and appreciate many aspects of their country. They will be required to employ the stages of the writing process to research and publish a written project detailing their home province. Access to the Internet and email capabilities will certainly add to their resource base as they study this theme.

As our students work through this theme using the Internet, they will be developing the following Language Arts skills:

  • reading and writing
  • organizing information
  • interviewing
  • locating resources
  • analyzing the appropriateness of materials
  • small and large group discussion
  • independent and team production
  • storage and retrieval of data
  • using HTML to publish information

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will learn to publish and put into typeset a piece of research.
  2. Students will gather information from the projects received and learn to produce maps, graphs and charts.
  3. Students will learn to communicate online using the web.

By its very nature, this project will be dependent upon student use of current technologies; therefore, many of the key stage outcomes presented in the Technology Education framework document will be addressed during the process. As our students solicit, exchange, analyze, compile and publish their data, they will develop a working knowledge of how technology relates to communication and helps interrelate many facets of our society.

  Resource Connections

A project of this sort can realize success only with a program such as the STELLAR Schools Internet connection. While currently we have 17 computers in our lab, only 1 or 2 of these are equipped for Internet access, and only teachers have accounts. Even then, connection is on a "hit or miss" basis. In order for the Grade 6 students to participate fully in the technological aspect of the project, we will need more dependable access that can be used by every individual in the class at a given time.

Other resources:

  • Atlas
  • Periodicals and books
  • Encyclopedias
  • Videos


Achievement will be determined by each student's ability to gather, organize and present data in a meaningful and informative way. Progress will be monitored at each stage of the process.

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