Project 3: Project Rivers

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Derek Riche
School: L.P. Purchase Academy
Box 1521
Botwood, NF
A0H 1E0
Tel: (709) 257-2475
Grade Level: Grades 4 - 6
Number of Students: 26
Project Start and Finish Dates: April 1, 1998 - May 30, 1998

  Project Overview

Students will adopt a section at the outlet of the Northern Arm River and will gather data on water quality, clean up litter, identify pollution sources and identify bird populations which exist at various points along our section of the river. Students will compile the data and use this to help develop a web page as a link to become a partner in Project Rivers.

  Curriculum Connections


  • To gain an appreciation of effects of rainfall, temperature, wind and other weather factors on the river. This ties in with "Weather Watch" in the grade 5 Innovations program.


  • Use of estimating skills in monitoring aquatic life and bird populations.
  • Use of percentage and factions in assembling table and charts.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will make use of science skills such as observing and quantifying to come up with useful data.
  2. Students will gain experience in using computers to prepare tables and charts in which to display information and to make tables.
  3. Students will learn the skills involved in creating a web page.
  4. Students will use the Math skills of estimating in monitoring aquatic life and bird population along the river.
  5. Students will make use of percentages, fractions and Language skills as needed to compile a final report on their activities.

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