Project 1: Reaching Beyond Borders

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Nellie Wall

Rosemary Fowler

Imelda Taylor

School: Notre Dame Academy
1 St. Catherine St.
Grand Falls-Windsor, NF
A2A 1V7
Tel: (709) 489-3805
Fax: (709) 489-3265
Grade Level: Grade 7
Number of Students: 44 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: January 19, 1998 - March 20, 1998

  Project Overview

Students involved in this project will explore the theme explore the theme of cooperation specific to the family group. The following headings would be researched: - daily tasks, celebrations, rituals. Information would be obtained through fact sheets (designed by the students). The data profile resulting would be posted on the school homepage.

This project would provide an educational opportunity for students in learning about families from other province and countries. The goal is to interact with other schools via the Internet with the hope of encouraging various cultural groups to respond.

Anticipating this response, students would collate the material gathered and produce a data profile outlining similarities and differences regarding "family cooperation" among different cultures.

Such a project would be directly related to the four main objectives of our Global School.

  Curriculum Connections

Social Studies:

Students will learn how culture influences family behaviors. They would assess similarities and differences in cultural behaviors relating to families. Students will begin to explore how certain social agents such as the family impart our culture to us. Students will use map skills to locate areas that respond.

Language Arts:

Reading and viewing information gleaned from the fact sheets will provide motivation for students to select literature pertinent to cultural groups that respond.

Using the basic skills of research and expository writing, students will compile information gained into a written report to present to our Grade Six class when they study Multiculturalism.


Students will develop graphs which will reflect the percentage of different cultural groups that respond.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will be expected to communicate information and ideas effectively and clearly and to respond personally and critically.
  • Students will be expected to interact with sensitivity and respect considering the situation, audience and purpose.
  • Students will be expected to read and view with understanding a range of literature.
  • Students will be expected to use a range of strategies to develop effective writing.
  • Students will be expected to interpret, select and combine information using a variety of strategies, resources and technologies.
  • Students will develop an understanding and respect for the cultural diversity of families in their community, province, country and the world.
  • Students will become aware of the variety of experiences, lifestyles, beliefs and activities of various ethno - cultural groups.

  Resource Connections

The STELLAR Schools Internet Connection is vital to the success of our project in order to obtain access to other schools (locally and globally) to gather and share information regarding "Family Cooperation".

A by-product of this project is students becoming more familiar with the Internet and the endless opportunities provided for current research.


The learning outcomes listed will be used to determine the level of achievement of our students using anecdotal records and observation and discussion.

Cooperative Learning techniques (consensus building, group decision making, group reporting) would be enhanced by this project and evaluated by observation and on-going feedback.

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