Project 1: Global Literature

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Clyde Cole - Learning Resources Teacher

Paulette Colbourne-King - Special Needs Teacher

Elwood Smith - Grade 7 Language Teacher

School: Robert T. Harvey Elementary
P.O. Box 40
Baie Verte, NF
A0K 1B0
Tel: (709) 532-4275
Fax: (709) 532-4518
Grade Level: Grades 5 - 7

  Project Overview

In enriching the Grades 5 - 7 Language Arts curriculum, there will be an emphasis for investigating the cultural setting of the various novels studied. Usually, this has been done by establishing contact with foreign embassies, visiting public libraries, setting up penpals from foreign countries, and so on.

The widespread use of global telecommunications through the Internet has major implications for enrichment activities of this kind. Having access to STEM~Net will permit online global communications in the countries the students are studying. Some countries/novels proposed for study are:

Snow Treasure - Norway
Banner In The Sky - Switzerland
Underground To Canada - Canada
Shiloh - United States

As well, the recently introduced Multi-Source program in Grade 7 presents numerous opportunities for online educational contacts with other areas of the globe.

  Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Considerations/Learning Outcomes:

  • To encourage creativity and facilitate learning through the use of telecommunications.
  • To expose students to varying ways of life outside that of rural Newfoundland.
  • To teach foreign and other Canadian students about life in rural Newfoundland.
  • To enhance the study of literature, through independent and guided investigation of different cultures that correspond to the novels that they are studying.
  • To foster independent study and research skills.
  • To complete the project with a better understanding of various cultures in some or all of the following areas:
    • School Life
    • Religious Beliefs
    • Use of Technology
    • History of Geographical Area
    • Environmental Issues
    • Local Food
    • Politics
    • Social Activities
    • Popular Entertainment
    • Popular Music
    • Language


The Learning Outcomes previously listed will be used to determine the level of achievement by our students along with anecdotal records and observation by the two teachers involved. Students will maintain a current record of their investigation and findings, and emphasis will be placed on the various research skills they employ. Teachers will also be monitoring students' abilities to engage in group discussion-making. The team dynamic is one of the most important process skills we emphasis in our ongoing resource-based units.

We believe that this project will demonstrate to our school the exciting possibilities for creating new areas of investigation that enrich students' current knowledge in important curriculum areas. Recognizing the factors that link our province to communities far away is a meaningful step for students in developing a sense that they are part of the great global community.

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