Project 2: Web Page

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Christine Parsons - Computer Technology Teacher

Jean Furey - Learning Resources Teacher

School: St. Michael's High School
19 Greenwood Avenue
Grand Falls-Windsor, NF
A2A 1S6
Tel. 709-489-5608
Fax. 709-489-1473
Grade Level: Level I - III
Number of Students: 40-60 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: January, 1998 - June, 1998. Updating every year.

  Project Overview

St. Michael's has just been blessed with a new computer lab with 24 Pentium 133 computers. With such technology capabilities, we need to develop skills in using the various technology fields. Our schools does not have a Web page and has had little involvement with the Internet. This project would open doors for our students in dealing with and being active in using the Internet to learn what technology can offer schools, their students and what learning can take place by being involved with creating a Web page for our school. To a lot of schools, this is probably basic but to a school who has yet to be exposed to it, it becomes a learning process.

  Project Objectives

The objectives of this project which would specifically relate to the use of the Internet include:

  1. Students become familiar with using the Internet for research of other schools Web Page.
  2. Students would be given an opportunity to show their computer skills that they have learned in the technology courses they have completed.
  3. Students would be given the opportunity to correspond and communicate with other schools about their Web page.
  4. Students would gain vast knowledge of the Internet by using a hands-on approach, researching background information about web pages, locating other Web page sites, and using the Stemnet information to guide them through this project.
  5. Students would be given the opportunity to make decisions of what should be placed on the web page, use their creativity to produce their school's web page while learning how the process works.
  6. Students would create a Web Page for other people to visit.
  7. Students would learn to evaluate their work and make changes as is needed.


Once provided with technical instruction, each student enrolled with the Computer courses will be granted access to the Internet to research other Web pages and become familiar with what makes a web page, how to create the various aspects of a Web page and bring the information back to the class so that decisions can be made about what St. Michael's High School would like to see on their Web page. Information deemed appropriate will be downloaded or book marked so that it can be shared by others in the classes.


Students will demonstrate their ability to learn how to create a Web page by using the Information Highway for gathering information about Web pages, looking at other web sites and critically analyzing what they went through in creating a Web page.

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