Project 3: Net Tutors

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Christine Parsons - Computer Technology Teacher
School: St. Michael's High School
19 Greenwood Avenue
Grand Falls-Windsor, NF
A2A 1S6
Tel. 709-489-5608
Fax. 709-489-1473
Grade Level: Grade 8 - Level III
Number of Students: Any students who wish to be involved from all grades.
Project Start and Finish Dates: January, 1998 - June, 1998.

  Project Overview

This project will select students who are interested in becoming a "Net Tutor". A Net Tutor will be a resource person for the school. Our school has very little access to the Internet and he Computer Room is used most with Computer classes. This Stellar Schools project will give students at St. Michael's an opportunity to use the Internet as a learning tool. If a student does not have the time to become a Net Tutor then they still have the opportunity to avail of the services of one of the Net Tutors. Students of St. Michael's will be able to request reseach material on any subject areas and the Tutor will show the student where and how to look for it. The tutor will have a day or two to research the material before s/he shows the student.

A Net Tutor will become familiar with the Internet and learn how to use the various tools to research avenues of the school's curriculum, explore what the Internet has to offer students, locate sites that are pertinent to a student's request or a teacher's request and download information if required.

  Project Objectives

  1. Students will be given the opportunity to become a Net Tutor.
  2. Students will learn how to use the Internet and its tools for research, communication and school involvement.
  3. Students who become Net Tutors will gain knowledge about the Internet and share this knowledge will other students.
  4. Students will learn the different avenues in the Internet and become familiar with the best route to take.
  5. Students will learn how to download research materials.
  6. Students will learn how to download research materials.
  7. All students in St. Michael's High School will have an opportunity to access the Internet.
  8. These Net Tutors will become resource persons for the school.
  9. These Net Tutors will have an opportunity to receive a 'Net Tutor' certificate when they help some other student in the school become a Net Tutor. This will be their final evaluation
  10. The research materials that are accumulated will be placed in a vertical file in the Library for use by other students..

  Curriculum Connections

These 'Net Tutors' are people in the school who are interested in learning the Internet and then showing others how to use the Internet. Thus teachers and students in all curriculum areas can take advantage of this great opportunity. These 'Net Tutors' can help a teacher and the class to avail of the Internet, and this is a way to introduce them to it and show how important the Internet can be for research, communication and what it has to offer to their curriculum area.

Using the Stellar School project and creating 'Net Tutors' is giving St. Michael's High School more Internet accessibility than ever before across all curriculum areas. It opens a new way of learning for everyone in the school. It is a great way of getting students involved with other students through learning. In a sense, it is an ideal learning environment.

  Learning Outcomes

Presently, the Internet is not available to most students in St. Michael's High School. The aim of this project is to give Internet access to anyone who wishes to become a 'Net Tutor'. These 'Net Tutors' will become resource persons for anyone in the school. They will also help in teaching others how to use the Internet for research.


This project cannot become a reality unless we get access through the Stellar Schools project. If students were provided with access to the Internet at St. Michael's, then they would become more capable of using the Internet across the curriculum. It may even help other teachers become more capable of using it as a teaching tool. This project gives access to anyone in St. Michael's who wishes to avail of the Internet service.


To receive a 'Net Tutor' certificate from St. Michael's High School a student must demonstrate their skills in using the Internet. They must also help another student become a 'Net Tutor' as part of the learning process. Thus, St. Michael's High School will be able to produce a new learning environment for their students.

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