Project 2: The Writers' Network

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Donald Stirling - English/Language Arts Teacher

Calvin Cutler - Network Administrator

School: Valmont Academy
P.O. Box 130
King's Point, NF
A0J 1H0
Tel: (709) 268-2205
Grade Level: Grades 8 - Level III
Number of Students: 25
Project Start and Finish Dates: Start: January '98
Finish: Ongoing

  Project Overview

Students will have the opportunity to post their writing efforts and share in a larger writing community than the school can offer. They will avail of the expertise of experienced editors, who can give positive criticism and reflect a realistic, conscientious audience. All genres of writing will be addressed at the different stages in the writing process. Besides advancing their own writing, they will also act as editors and help others on the network.

This approach will reinforce the writing process as taught in the language program and will make the students more aware of the global importance placed on the process.

  Curriculum Connections

Students will:

  • write for peers
  • independently use the writing process
  • become skilled, creative writers
  • lean to enjoy writing
  • develop confidence with their writing
  • learn to appreciate their own others' writing
  • become critical readers
  • develop editing skills

  Resource Connections

The project will give the students Internet access to research ideas for their writing projects. This will offer them the opportunity to communicate through various Internet modes. Also, it will familiarize the students with computers, networking, and traveling over the 'Information Highway'.


Students will:

  • incorporate editors' comments in their writing
  • become more critical of their own writing
  • develop an understanding of electronic posting
  • develop a sense of pride for a piece of writing well done

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