Guidelines for STELLAR School Project Proposals

Please note that, in spite of the number of items listed, the proposal should address each item only briefly and should not exceed 3 pages maximum per project.

  1. General Information
    • Project Title
    • Lead Teacher (+ other teachers working on it)
    • Grade Level
    • Number of Students Involved (Intended Participants)
    • Project Start and Finish Dates (approximately)

  2. Project Overview
    • Give a brief (100-200 words) description of the project.

  3. Curriculum Connections
    • List the main curriculum areas addressed by the project.
    • Describe how the project fits in with the overall curriculum plans in your school.
    • List the intended learning outcomes of the project and state how do they relate to the provincial learning outcomes for the curriculum objectives in the areas that are being addressed.
    • Indicate how the project addresses the intended learning outcomes for Technology Education at this grade level. (Note: These can be found on the Department of Education Web Site.)

  4. Resource Connections
    • State how the STELLAR Schools Internet connection will enable/enhance this project.
    • List other resources which are being utilized in this project. Indicate if any of these resources are being brought into the school specifically for this project.

  5. Evaluation
    • List the learning outcomes of the project in checklist form for a brief follow-up evaluation.
    • Outline how the general impact of the project on the school and the curriculum in general can be evaluated.

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