High-Speed Connections

STELLAR Schools Agreement
High-Speed Connections

A STELLAR School is a three-way partnership among the school and school board, STEM~Net and Cable Atlantic. The following agreement outlines the responsibilities of all three partners in the formation of a STELLAR School:

School Name _____________________________________________________________

School Address  _________________________________________________________


Phone	_______________________________  Fax  ___________________________

School Principal  _____________________  E-mail _________________________

School Board	_________________________________________________________

School Board
Representative  _______________________  E-mail _________________________

In becoming a STELLAR School, the school agrees to the following:

  1. To pay a one-time connection fee of $200.00 to Cable Atlantic and agrees to provide the recommended compatible equipment necessary to connect to the Cable Atlantic Network.
  2. To provide a LAN within the school and to provide system supervision for this LAN. The school also agrees that root privileges WILL NOT be given to students under any circumstances.
  3. To assume all responsibility for student use of the system and for any mis-use of the system by students. The school also agrees that accounts on this system will not be provided to anyone outside the school.
  4. To provide a suitable and secure (locked) location for the server/router connection and provide access to it for Cable Atlantic and STEM~Net staff during normal business hours. Management of the router will be done by Cable Atlantic and STEM~Net.
  5. To ensure that this connection is not used to provide secondary level (back-door) dial-up into the Cable Atlantic network.
  6. To notify Cable Atlantic of any commercial use of the connection and to pay a negotiated monthly fee for this use.
  7. To ensure the effective use of this connection to the school. As part of this, the school will carry out at least three projects in each of the four years, which make effective use of the services available to it. These projects must be approved by the STELLAR Schools Advisory Board. The projects for Year 1 are to be attached to this agreement.
  8. That failure to continue to meet these requirements at any time during the four years may result in discontinuation of the project for this school, on the recommendation of the STELLAR Schools Advisory Board.
  9. The School Web site must promote and link to the Stellar School web site.

STEM~Net agrees to the following:

  1. To provide senior system-administration guidance for the STELLAR School.
  2. To provide STELLAR Schools system manager training for the school LAN manager.
  3. To provide project coordination for the projects required to be undertaken by the STELLAR School.
  4. To provide online resources to assist the school in developing and carrying out these projects.

Cable Atlantic agrees to the following:

  1. To provide the hook-up from the school to the Cable Atlantic high-speed data services network at no additional connectivity charge.
  2. To provide STEM~Net connectivity for the school, at a speed of 4 Mbps for a period of four years, at no cost to STEM~Net and to provide maintenance of this connection.
  3. To allow schools and boards to use the STELLAR Schools logo for non-commercial school promotions and publications.

NOTE: Three Project Proposals must be attached.

___________________________  ______  __________________  ______
School Board Representative   Date    School Principal    Date

___________________________  ______   _____________________________  ______
STEM~Net Representative       Date    Cable Atlantic Representative   Date

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